Joris Cromsigt

Joris Cromsigt

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Dr. Joris Cromsigt’s main research passion is to better understand the world’s large herbivore dominated ecosystems. He combines applied conservation questions with the latest advancements in fundamental ecological science. He aims to work towards a predictive science that allows wildlife managers to cope with spatial and temporal environmental changes. To be able to do this, he strives to find general patterns in herbivore community and population ecology and emphasizes the need to study the role of spatial heterogeneity in ecosystems next to temporal variation. Most of his work in the past has focused on African and Eurasian systems, combining diverse methods; from population modeling to field and greenhouse experiments, and from field observational work to GIS and radio-tracking. Based on over 2 years of field work in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park, South Africa, he showed in his PhD how spatial heterogeneity in the quality and quantity of food can contribute to the coexistence of African ungulates. Since 2006 he coordinates the monitoring of a unique pilot introduction of European Bison in the Netherlands. Next to the Bison work at MRI, he is currently involved in work on top-down versus bottom-up control of Red Deer populations across western Eurasia, studies on the ecology of Wild Boar, and enforcing the use of GIS.