Elwira Szuma



Member of the Research Group "Genetic and Morphological Diversity of Mammals”, Curator of Mammal Collection

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Main research interests of E. Szuma are morphology and evolution of foxes. A basic tool in her studies is dentition (dental morphological patterns, metric and non-metric variation of teeth in populations and species). Currently, she is a leader of the project "Polymorphism and metric variation in the dentition of red fox in the Holarctic region". Recent studies are focused on: (1) geographic variation of dental morphological pattern in the whole Holarctic range of the red fox, (2) character displacement in dental morphological patterns of the red fox from zones sympatric with other closely related species, (3) factors influencing on the geographic variation of the structures, which have fundamental functions in the dental system of the red fox, (4) reconstruction of the dental evolution for Vulpes vulpes based on the morphometric dental patterns. She is the author of 15 scientific papers and articles.

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