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Kamil Bartoń

Kamil Bartoń


Member of the Research Group "Ecology of Natural Ecosystems"

Publication list

Education and scientific degrees:

  • PhD: 2010, Warsaw University
  • MSc: 2002, Jagiellonian University (Kraków)

Research profile:

His main scientific interest is individual based modelling. His PhD project dealt with the impact of food supply on population density, demography, and individual condition of microtine rodents in relation to habitat productivity. He is also interested in macroecological aspects of effects of environmental conditions on various mammal populations parameters, and the use of the R language in modelling and statistical computing.

Currently his research focuses on dispersal evolution and movement strategies, utilising correlated random walk models.

International experience:


"MuMIn" - an R-library for model selection and model averaging
SciViews-K - a graphical interface to R

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