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Instytut Biologii Ssaków Polskiej Akademii Nauk, Białowieża

Cino Pertoldi

Visiting professor

Genetics and Biomorphology of Mammals

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Research profile:

Cino Pertoldi obtained his Master degree in Natural Science at the University of Milan, Italy and later obtained his PhD from the Department of Ecology and Genetics, University of Aarhus. During the period 2001-2003, he was employed as a researcher at the Department of Wildlife Ecology, NERI at Kal?, Denmark. Cino Pertoldi obtained later several post-doctoral EU-funded grants (Marie Curie, Ecodoca and Biod-Iberia grants) and two grants from the Danish Natural Research Council (Steno and Skou stipend). Furthermore, he is now the coordinator of the European Science Foundation funded ConGen (Conservation Genetics) program. Cino Pertoldi’s research focuses on empirical conservation and evolutionary genetics of animals, but also includes conceptual and theoretical studies in the interface between genetics, ecology and evolution. Pertoldi has merged current efforts in evolutionary and ecological genetics, complementing molecular genetics and macroecology in order to understand how genetic measures can indicate causal processes.

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