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Thomas Cornulier

Thomas Cornulier

Postdoctoral fellow

Member of the Research Group "Ecology of Natural Ecosystems"

Research profile:

Thomas is a field and quantitative ecologist, with particular interest in approaches that combine aspects of spatial ecology, population dynamics and behaviour (e.g. social & mating systems, space use and dispersal), with applications in conservation. Most of his research so far was conducted on farmland bird ecology: he has studied the relative importance of environmental and behavioural constraints on the spatial distribution of raptors and their preys in agricultural landscapes. He was recently involved in a UKPopNet project, developing a range of Bayesian models aiming to predict the response of farmland bird populations to changing environments. In particular, he is interested in approaches extending current spatial distribution and demographic models to include explicit processes such as dispersal or density-dependent behaviours. Thomas is currently involved in the analysis of vole population dynamics data at the European scale (BIOTER project), and collaborates on quantitative aspects of various projects within the Mammal Research Institute.

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