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Alicja Boroń

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Education and scientific degrees:

  • M. Sc. 1984 on Fish Biology, Faculty of Water Protection and Inland Fisheries, University of Agriculture and Technology in Olsztyn.
  • Doctorate degree, Ph. D. 1992. Doctoral dissertation titled: "The spined loach - Cobitis taenia Linnaeus, 1758, (Cypriniformes, Cobitidae) from the Zegrzynski Dam Reservoir". Faculty of Water Protection and Inland Fisheries, University of Agriculture and Technology in Olsztyn.
  • Associate professor (dr hab.) 2001. Wroclaw Univerisity. Faculty of Natural Sciences. Thesis "Chromosomal diversity of the fish genus Cobitis (Pisces, Cobitidae) distributed in Poland", the Publishing House of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, 39: 1-74.
  • Professor: 22. 09. 2007; biological sciences, biology, cytogenetics of animals, zoology

Research profile:

  • morphological and genetical features and some aspects of biology of animals, mainly Teleostei, used in their taxonomy and phylogenetical relationships,
  • environmental influence on the morphology, gonad development and genetic diversity of freshwater animals,
  • structure, function and evolution of fish chromosomes,
  • occurrence, origin, morphology, mechanisms of reproduction and genetic diversity of the species derived via polyploidy and naturally occurred hybrids and diploid-polyploid populations.

International experience:

  • 1990 (one month) in Institute Severcova in Moscow (dr K. Vasil'eva, dr V. Vasil'ev).
  • 1993 (three months, postdoc fellow in the Department of Zoology and Anthropology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal (Prof. Maria J. Collares-Pereira).
  • 1991, 1992, 1999 (three weeks) in Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetic, Libechov, Czech Republic (dr P. Rab).
  • 1999 (one week) Ecophysiology Unit, Department of Biology, University of Antwerp, Belgium, lectures on cytogenetic characterization of Teleostei (within Socrates).
  • 2001 (one week) School of Biological Sciences, University of Anglia, Norwich, mutual genetic studies of the Cobitis species from the populations distributed in Poland and England.
  • 2002 (two weeks) Museum national d’histoire naturelle, Département de Systematique et Evolution, Service de Systematique moleculaire, Paris (France), take part in mutual molecular cytogenetic studies of the Cobitis species.
  • 2005 (two months) FY 2005 JSPS, Invitation Fellowship Program for Research in Japan ID No. S-05135, Hokkaido University.
  • 2005 – 2008 taking part in mutual taxonomical and systematic studies within the International Cypriniformes Tree of Life project coordinated by dr Richard L. Mayden, PhD.

Awards and prizes:

  • Scientific award: 1994, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004 Rector of the Warmia and Mazury University’s Reward.

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